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Like you, horses are always what drives me to do better, be better, perform better. So I decided to combine my business experience and talents with my equestrian ones. Elite Equestrian Media was born. An agency of infinite creativity, passion, and strategy to raise equestrians to new heights.

An equestrian athlete for almost 2 decades. An entrepreneur at 12 to be able to purchase my first horse. I honed my superpowers in observation and creative strategy while in business school. I specialized in digital marketing and high-performance sales and began work with clients before I even graduated. I gained experience working with start-ups to multimillion dollar corporations.

Now, my purpose is to propel talented and driven equestrians to extraordinary success. I merge my deep passion and extensive knowledge in equestrian sports with expertise in media, marketing, and business. The result: innovative and industry-leading success for EEM clients!

Bethany Didtrek

Unleashing Your Equestrian Brand's Potential

Elite Equestrian Media is here to create. The online arena is driven by personal brands and powerful storytelling. We work with you to create beyond your wildest dreams. We're here to take bold and ambitious equestrians to new heights in the ring and outside of it. 

Whether you're an athlete that wants to create you're own unique personal brand, an established professional ready to scale your success, or a brand or event looking to supercharge your marketing and sales, we have the experience and expertise to create and support your success. 

A Modern Media Agency

A Modern
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