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 Taking bold and ambitious equestrians to new branding and marketing heights.

 Taking bold and ambitious equestrians to new branding and
marketing heights.

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An agency created for talented and ambitious equestrians ready to brand their legacy. Don't just dominate in the ring, dominate online with Elite Equestrian Media. We're not only experts in digital, we're equestrians. We live and breathe horses—an agency for equestrians by equestrians. 

Whether you’re looking to skyrocket your social media presence, revamp your brand, or completely hand over your marketing so you never have to deal with it again, we've got you covered.

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Bethany combines her passion for the horse world and her vast knowledge for branding, marketing and media. The result? Elite Equestrian Media, an agency of passions, strategy, and infinite creativity. 

An equestrian athlete for close to 2 decades and an entrepreneur at 12 to be able to afford her horse obsession, Bethany's no stranger to branding and business. 

Before graduating from business school where she specializing in digital marketing and high performance sales, Bethany travelled the word riding horses and learning from the best in both business and equestrian sport. 


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Gone are the days of traditional marketing techniques. The Storytellers are going to dominate the next decade of the online space. People trust people, showing up authentically online from your website to your social media is what's going to leave lasting impressions and build not just an online presence but a legacy.  

At Elite Equestrian Media we tell your story through powerful branding, showing up on social media in a meaningful way, and more. Are you ready to go to new heights? 

Sean Jobin

"We've been extremely happy with the growth and quality that Elite Equestrian has provided for our team! It's not easy finding great help managing and growing social media, so we are very grateful to have such fantastic talent!"

Top Canadian ShowJumper - Double Clear LLC

Louise Masek

"I'm always looking for fresh content of Beau Balou, so that mare owners can get an idea of his character, temperament and personality. Anyone can capture videos from show rounds. Bethany created some wonderful reels for us, with very little direction from me. She really 'gets' how to highlight the best qualities of a horse or ride. I would recommend her to any equestrian looking to up their image and exposure!"

Owner of Look Ahead Sport horses- Beau Balou

Hannah Veiga

"I would absolutely recommend Bethany’s services to anyone out there looking to grow their audience, gain sales and establish a successful online business. With her generous and knowledgeable advice I gained an understanding of how to grow my social media account and get a wider reach. Over the past year I have managed to grow my Instagram account following from under 5k in 2022 to over 140k in 2023, with a peak of accounts reach over 10 million. Her insights have also provided me with helpful business tools in terms of generating sales and repeat clients. Thank you Bethany!"

Pyrography Artist & Teacher - Hannah Veiga Studio

Ciara Antoski

"Social media can just be so draining and frustrating with ever changing algorithms and unseen rules. Bethany took every social media headache away for me. She was very communicative and transparent throughout the entire process, and my clientele completely changed for the better because of her. She also taught me many tools so I could be autonomous (but she was so good I decided to rehire her anyway). I highly recommend hiring Bethany as your marketing guru - she’s worth every penny!"

Shokran Salehi

"Bethany's unrivalled talent for crafting persuasive content is coupled with her strategic mindset which ensures her ability to capture the essence of a brand and convey its message in a compelling way. She is incredibly talented and I worked with her on a variety of different projects."

KAsey Dunn

"Beth from Elite Equestrian Media  is creative, fun, and a joy to work with. She gave our brand life and personality - I can't recommend her enough!"

Professor, Creativity and InnovationProfessor, Creativity and Innovation - Sheridan College & Co-Founder of Hope Pet Food

Marissa Hay

"Bethany was an expert addition to our team! She helped us learn and develop our SEO and engagement at a critical time of needed growth at HOPE. She was also a pleasure to work with, very communicative and patient." 

Business Development Manager - HOPE Pet foods

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